This Could Be The Best Background Check Service On The Internet?

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What Is eVerify?

Everify Search Menu Screen

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eVerify is the premier top rated personal and confidential lookup service that offers you a fully comprehensive yet easy to use resource that accurately performs  various unlimited background checks… not previously available publicly.

==> Get a full background report – in just seconds!

What type of background checks can I perform?

Unlimited, background checks including criminal records check, social media checks and people searches.

It is ALSO a valuable service for small business owners who hire employees and need to perform a background or criminal check.

What other types of data and related info is legally available to access?

  The eVerify program offers you searches including:

  • People Search by Name
  • Reverse Landline Phone search
  • People Search by Address
  • Relative (ancestory) Search
  • Asset Search
  • Basic Background Check
  • Basic Arrest/Warrant Search

    Homeland Secirity Seal

    Database utilized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Securilty

  • Basic Sex Offender Search
  • Preliminary State Criminal Records Search
  • Birth Records Search
  • Marriage/Divorce Records Search
  • Death Records Search
  • Inmate Search
  • Neighborhood Check
  • Reverse IP Search
  • Business Name Search… and much more!

What are a few of the other “real world” applications that eVerify could help a small business owner?

The system also enables employers to:

  • Safeguard both civil liberties and employee privacy
  • Confirm the legal work status of their workers
  • Minimize unauthorized employment
  • Reduce verification-related discrimination
  • Navigate via fast and quick user-friendly pages for employers
  • Eliminate nearly all Social Security Number (SSN) mismatches
  • Defend jobs for actual authorized worker
  • Assist you to maintain a legal workforce
  • Gather initial verification results are obtained within seconds making it an effective way to confirm an employees status.

What are the costs? (Here are 2 of the most popular options)

  1. You can also select the “one-time use option” if all you need is a single (and yet the same equally comprehensive) background search as all the available eVerify selections.
  2. “Monthly Option: The initial seven days are absolutely “no cost” for you to try out the service as a customer. After the first seven days, the (monthly) recurring charge is only once every month until you (the customer) cancels.

If you ever decide to cancel your service, then the recurring monthly charges cease. Which brings us to their guarantee…

What about their customer service?

eVerify enjoys fantastic customer retention with their award winning service with a money-back guarantee. Customers additionally enjoy the benefits of a truly affordable service that can be accessed any time they want.

What are some “real world examples” eVerify performs?

  • Using a “DATING SITE” to find your match… but need to verify their info?
  • Is a potential business partner too good to be true and your reputation is on the line?
  • Don’t you want to verify and hire a trustworthy nanny or day-care provider for your child?
  • Lost touch with & can’t find your high school best friend, although might be still in the area?
  • Searching for relatives or distant
    Personal Background checks

    Found your soulmate? Be sure with a quick check.

    ancestors in your family tree?

  • Do you want to uncover the the real truth about someone?
  • Is a career criminal in the neighborhood yet “online police records” only show the sex offenders?
  • Want to prove your love and trust to your new fiancee who wants to know about your background?
  • Do you own a small business that lacks a fully staffed Human Resources department… and can’t afford those expensive “third-party” employee vetting services when hiring your “potential new-hires”?
  • Are you getting married and want to confirm any past marriages your fiance may have forgot to inform you of… or even see if they may still be legally married, unbeknownst to you and your family?

Just Like a “CarFax”, But For People!
eVerify is a confidential service that offers you a fully  comprehensive yet easy to use resource that performs different unlimited, background checks…

…not previously available to the public.

Get a full background report, in just seconds!